You Like Jay-Z? How about Jaz O or Sauce Money?

By Mic Cool

So whatever happened to standouts Jaz O and Sauce money?

Let’s start with Jaz who was also a record producer. He began as a mentor for Jay-Z starting in 1990. They had a song called “Originators” which spawned a fast flow. At this time Jaz had a successful hit “Hawaiian Sophie”, but it was a little too flashy as he was known for more of a gritty style hailing from Brooklyn and all. It kind of felt like he was selling out. As Jigga started rising through the ranks of the underground rap scene he dropped his debut album Reasonable Doubt. On this album both Jaz and Sauce rapped on the track “Bring it On”, to which he claimed he wasn’t even suppose to feature. At the time he didn’t have a deal and refused to sign with Dame Dash and Roc-A-Fella Records. He wrote his part on the spot and recorded his verse in one take at the reques,t or other words “yelling”, from the CEOs of the company. Jay-Z and Sauce Money already had their parts written. Now Jaz produced Jiggas break through hit “Ain’t No Nigga”. Rumor has it Clark Kent and a lot of other producers tried but could not loop the beat. Jaz found the correct pitch and note so the hook would sound good in the song. He went on to feature on a couple of Jay-Z albums most notably “Jigga What (Originators 98)” off of Vol. 2 Hard Knock Life, bringing back their quick delivery. Jaz and Sauce Money both we’re gonna sign to Roc-A-Fell but didn’t trust Dame or Kareem Biggs Burk and weren’t satisfied with the amount that they were receiving. Apparently when the Nas vs. Jay-Z feud started, Jaz supposedly supplied Nas with info to use against Jay in the huge dis record “Ether”.

 Sauce Money featured 1st on the Big Daddy Kane song “Show N Prove”. Big Daddy was also a mentor to Jay-Z so Sauce an Jay linked up for a couple joints, the most famous being the posse cut “Reservoir Dogs” along side Jigga and the Lox with Beanie Sigel. Money is said to be credited as co writer for the chart topping single “I’ll Be Missing You” performed by Puff Daddy off of No Way Out.

What are they doing now. Well Jaz makes his money through stocks, properties, luxury goods, yachts, and private airplanes. Sauce is still making music underground helping young artists. Think about all the classics they could’ve made together and separately if cooler heads prevailed we’ll never know but appreciate what they put down already in the past. Roc-A-Fell y’all!

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