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On the latest episode of The Rap Addicts Podcast, Mic is back from vacation just in time to talk to Jeff about the 20th anniversary of Eminem’s Slim Shady LP. The guys discuss how Em’s dark past help mold his alter ego, go over some myths about the album, and pick their favorite tracks. Jeff takes you back to 1999 to try and understand what it was like when boy bands ruled the music world. Please subscribe for more stories in hip hop history.
For this episode Jeff is joined by Dale Kinder as they explore the meteoric rise of one of Harlem’s most legendary rappers, Lamont Coleman aka Big L. The two break down Big L’s short lived career year by year, and explore how one of the best battle rappers ever, never really intended on making songs. There is a short rant about how important lyrics are in rap music and ultimately Jeff coins Big L, the greatest rapper that barely was.
Mic and Jeff take a look at what is widely considered the best hip hop album of all time: Illmatic. Rap Addicts takes a look at how Nas was ushered into the game and why all the top producers wanted to work with him. Jeff runs down his debatable top 6 rappers of all time, and Mic surprises us with his view on the G.O. A.T
Mic and Jeff take us back to 1996, two months after Tupac’s death to explore his first posthumous album to discover what clues he may have left behind, and ask the question…did he tell us he was going to fake his own death? For more stories of hip hop history like and subscribe to The Rap Addicts Podcast